Everything about CNY that you can find in Mr. D.I.Y.

CNY   Chinese New Year is just around the corner, have you start decorating your house, baking cookies and tip bits and pack ang paus before your family, relatives and friends come to visit? If you have not, fear not, Mr. D.I.Y is the one stop solution for you. Here you can find lots of varieties of lanterns according to your preference. You can also get Pineapple decoration here which is also another symbol of good fortune because in the Hokkien dialect the word for pineapple is from ang lai, which translates as “wealth comes”. Price is starting from RM 3.80 onwards (depends on design). Tanglong deco Here’s an useful decoration cum calendar.  Price at RM 2.80   1.Calendar Also we have already-framed  CNY Decoration that you can hang on your wall. Price starting from RM 5.80 (depends on the sizes). 4.Frame Deco If you would like to change the design every year, you can consider buying the one-off decoration without the frame. Price is starting from  RM 6.50 8.Fu Deco   9.springOr you can get a 3ft CNY tinsel strip decoration, it’s only RM 1.80 7.stick deco As you know this year is the year of goat, we have many design of goat decorations in all different sizes for you to choose. 10.deco This medium size is selling at RM 2.50 11.goat For the smaller one like this is only selling at RM 0.80! 12.goat small   You’ll also need this Double sided sticker which leave no traces and with good adhesion on any kind of surface.   2.Double sticker Well, for the table we you can also decorate it with peaches tree (桃; táo) which resemble wealth, abundance, long healthy life, great fortune for many generations! 13.tree   Here you can also find CNY Candle too! It’s only RM 19.80 5.Candle   If you are looking for YuanBao look not further, you can find it in Mr. D.I.Y at the price of RM 10.80 6.yuan bao Need a repair on you broken CNY Decorations? Our CNY knots is selling at RM 1.80 for 12pcs! 14.knot Thinking of what activities of have during CNY? Why  not light up sky lantern with your friends and family? 2girls-wishlantern-close 15.kong ming There are many colors for you to choose! It’s on RM 2.50 each. 16.kong ming   Plum blossoms/ Chinese plum/ mei hua (梅花) are important for Chinese New Year. Plum blossoms are symbols of nobility, beauty, courage, resilience, longevity and hope. They also represent strength in adversity, e.g. people who excel when faced with difficulties or find opportunities in the presence of threats. Though plum trees bloom in winter, they are regarded as a harbinger of spring. A bouquet is selling at RM 5.80 (depends on design). We also have different design of vases too! 18.mei hua When it comes to cookies and tip bits, you can get the container from Mr. D.I.Y at RM 1.50 each. 19. container And seal the containers with the CNY Tape to keep your cookies fresh! It’s only selling at RM 1.50 per roll. 3. CNY tape Last but not least, we have many red packets and here are some that with Sirname emboss on it. If you are a red packet collector,  do drop by to your nearest Mr. D.I.Y. outlet and have fun hunting for some limited designs  ang pau 🙂 17.Red packet   Like this post? Hit share to you FB. Love, cropped-mr-diy_lolipop-master-logoo.png MR.D.I.Y.

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