10 Travel Essential You Can Get In MR. D.I.Y

Whether you are going back home town or going oversea with your family, here are 10 items that are essential for you during your travel.

For the ladies who are going to travel  this Chinese New Year, you can get this trendy cosmetics pouch at RM 13.90 to hold all your make-up and skincare products. It comes in many different colors too!

cosmetic pouch

And yes, you will need this travel kit as well for your shampoo, conditioner, mask, toner, moisturizer and etc. You won’t want to bring them all in lead size because it’s going to be super heavy. This set is selling at RM 5.50. There are many different sizes that you can find in MR.D.I.Y. Do drop by and explore yourself. kit

If you bought too many new cloths and have too little space in your luggage, use this vacumm compressed bag. It helps to save 75% of the space and it’s selling at RM 3.90.

compressed bag


In car or in a plane, you will need this eye mask to block the light & distraction so that you can have a good sleep before reaching your destination. It is selling at RM 1.80 only!

eye mask

Safety first! You will also need a first aid wherever you are travelling too. It only cost RM 9.90.

first aid kit1

first aid kit

Sometime, your cloths are in emergency too. This sewing kit could just be your life saver!

sew kit s

Instead of using a plastic bag to keep your toothbrush while travelling which usually the plastic bag will went missing by the end of your trip. Grab this toothbrush bag which only cost RM 1.90.

tooth brush case


And if you have get your hair done in a salon and you don’t want to mess it by during the shower upon your arrival of the destination. You can always prepare  this shower cap which is selling at RM 1 only at Mr. D.I.Y.

shower cap


For those who are have long journey drive home, especially in the afternoon (usually you’ll stuck in a massive jam during festive season) do prepare yourself and for your passengers this sun shade which is only selling at RM 2.10


sun shade1

sun shade

Use this sticky anti-slip mat for your phone while your are navigating the direction to your relatives of friends’ house. It is also helpful to hold your smart tag which you are driving home. It’s only RM1.90

anti slip1

anti slip


Safe trip everyone.




MR. D.I.Y.

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