Parent’s Checklist for Back to School

School holiday is rounding up and we are down to just days away before your kids are back in school. There are a few things every parent and child want to get done before that first day of school.

1. Stationaries

Make sure you look at the school supply list to make sure you’re not overlooking any materials needed for art class, like paints, markers, crayons, brushes and etc.

Painting Brush, price starts from RM3.90

water color tools

Faber-castell color pencil, price starts from RM6.50

Color pencil

Water color palette,price starts from RM3.50

water color

Sharperner, price starts from RM1.50


2B Pencil, price starts from RM3.30


Retro pencil box, price starts from Rm6.50

retro pencil box

Exercise books

Exercise book

Eraser, price starts from RM1.70


Pencil box, price starts from RM6.90

Pencil box

Corrector , price starts from RM3.50


A4 Document Casing

A4 file casing

Text bookactivity book transparent cover, price starts from RM8.90

transparent warpping paper

Basic pattern rullers, price starts form RM 3.30


2.School Bag

It’s important for your children to have a backpack that’s large enough to fit all of their books and suppliers, yet isn’t too large so that injures his/her back.




Depending on what math class your children is taking, you may need to purchase various gadgets. Most kids will need a calculator, but students in more advance math classes may need graphing calculators, or calculators that can perform more advanced operations. Some students might also need protractors and rulers.

Basic calculator, price starts form RM 6.50


Scientific calculator

scientific calculator

4.Lunch Box & Water Bottle

With the increasing living expenses, the better option to take care of your budget is to prepare lunch box at home and it’s healthier for your children too as you get to select food for them.


lunch box

Water Bottle, price starts form RM 35.

Water Bottle

5. Clean & Tidy Uniform

Little details like a clean pair of socks is needed for your children to feel all brand new and motivated to start their first day of school after a long break!

Price starts form RM8.50






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