Back to College? You’ll DEFINITELY Need These Products!

bts_cover_filterThe holidays are over and for some, it is a signal that it is time to start a new term in college or university. The life of a student can be quite a tough one; having to juggle classes, survive on allowances or part-time job salaries, and of course, actually having the willpower and discipline in completing your course! We totally overwhelming it can be, so we have come up with a list of must-haves from Mr DIY that will make you college/uni-life much easier.

  1. A large, easy-to-carry Water Bottle that keeps you hydrated at all time.waterbottleIt’s important to drink lots of water every day, that way you won’t fall sick and miss classes, especially during busy exam periods.


  1. A Mini Optical Mouse in a nice, pastel colour.mouseNot only is this mouse light and easy to carry, but it’s also in an adorable pastel colour as well. Just what you need when you have assignments or presentations to do.


  1. Sticker Labels for you to write your name labelNo one likes losing their belongings, especially if they’re important for your studies. Label all your essentials, such as your stationary, calculator, laptop and textbooks.


  1. Funky Blue Earphones for you to listen to your favourite tunes.earphoneAfter hours of grueling classes, it’s nice to relax a little when you have a break and listen to some music. This pair of earphones are just what you need for a little alone time.


  1. A pair of Reading Glasses to help make late night sessions in the library easier.spectaclesIf you have a tendency to burn the midnight oil when the exam period is just around the corner, a pair of reading glasses is just what you need when it comes to reading pages after pages of textbooks and notes.


  1. Cool, cute Stationary to make jotting down notes more fun.burgerfriespenhighlighterpencilsIt’s not unusual for students to be buried under mountains of notes. Make taking down notes and drawing out mind-maps more fun with these cheerful, colourful and absolutely cute stationary that’s not limited for just kids only!


  1. Note Tags to stay organized.sticky note sideStudying hard is important, but studying smart is equally as important as well! Stay organized with these lovely patterned note tags that will help make studying a lot easier.


  1. Colourful Notebooks to store all your important informationnotebooksAt Mr DIY, you’ll find notebooks in various colours and sizes for you to explore your creativity with or simply to store useful information.


  1. A wide, spacious Tote Bag to store all the above!totebagIf you prefer a more minimalist, simple design, then this unisex tote bag is just what you need to store all your important day-to-day items.



What are some of your must-haves for school from Mr DIY? Let us know in the comment section below!

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