Valentine’s Day Gifts on a Budget!

vday_coverValentine’s Day is just around the corner and for some, thinking about what to get your significant other can be quite a stressful task. We think that on this joyous occasion that celebrates all things love, it’s the thought that counts. Show him or her that you care with these unique and useful gifts straight from the heart!


Make your own heart-shaped chocolates.choc mouldSometimes it’s not the monetary value of the item, but the effort and hard work that counts. Show off your culinary skills by making them some homemade chocolates! You can add in their favourite ingredients or experiment with various flavours. This chocolate mould, of course, makes the process a whole lot easier.

♥ Love Quote ♥: A day without you is like a day without chocolate.


A pair of Stereo Headphones for the music fan.headphoneIf your significant other is a huge fan of music, then this pair of stereo headphones will definitely show them that you support their interests. It’s definitely fun and romantic when you both can stay home and jam to your favourite singer or band together.

♥ Love Quote ♥: My favourite love songs had no meaning till I met you.  


If they love their car as much as they love you, then help them keep it vacuumThis lightweight, portable vacuum makes the perfect gift for the guy (or even girl!) who loves their car. Plus points if you offer to wash the car together! It’s a perfect chance to get closer and to goof around together.

♥ Love Quote ♥: Love is like driving a car at night. You can’t see further than the headlights, but you make the whole trip anyway.


Protect their phone like how you protect them.phonecoverA smartphone is a must-have for relationships these days. You need it to text, call, FaceTime, WhatsApp, LINE, and all sorts of other means of communicating each other. Protect their phones just as how you would protect their heart with this funky phone case.

♥ Love Quote ♥: I instantly smile when your name shows up on my phone.


Make sure they’ll always be on-time for dates with the help of a fashionable watch.watchIf your significant other has a problem staying punctual, then help them break the habit by getting them a watch so that they’re always aware of the time. Our pick is this trendy watch that would look great on any guy or gal!

♥ Love Quote ♥: Every moment without you, is a moment of time lost.


Save up money so you can go on that dream holiday together.coinboxcoinbox2Everyone has places they want to visit in their bucket list. What makes travelling even better is when you do it with the one you love. Take the initiative to save up money together so you can finally make it to your dream destination hand-in-hand, together.

♥ Love Quote ♥:  It doesn’t matter where you’re going; it’s who you have beside you.


Show off your sewing skills by making them a handcrafted keychain.keychainSewing can be a lot of hard work, however there’s definitely a huge sense of accomplishment when you manage to get something done. For beginners, it would be great to start off with a small felt keychain first for your significant other to carry around, before graduating on to bigger projects. It’ll definitely make this Valentine’s Day a lot more meaningful!

♥ Love Quote ♥:  Love is the thread that binds us together.


Frame up your best moments together.photoframeGot tons of photos together stored up in your phone? Why not get them printed and framed up in a beautiful, unique photo frame like this one? Priceless memories make the best gifts after all.

♥ Love Quote ♥:  Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite.


Surprise your fashionable girlfriend with a jewellery travelling bag.jewelleryboxjewellerybox2If your girlfriend loves jewellery, she’ll definitely love this jewellery organizer that’s not just handy but trendy as well! Perfect for travelling, she’ll be able to neatly store her favourite accessories and keep them safe as well.

♥ Love Quote ♥:  True love is like a diamond – it is rare, beautiful and lasts forever.


Store all your precious memories in a keepsake box.giftboxEvery moment is treasure in a relationship. From movie tickets to love letters and postcards sent to each other, store all your precious memories in a keepsake box and relive the love together as you pour through each memento together this Valentine’s Day.

♥ Love Quote ♥: Love is not finding someone to live with; it’s finding someone you can’t live without.


Live every moment, Laugh every day, and Love beyond words.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

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