Affordable Tech Products You’ll Definitely Need!


As the years go by, technology just keeps advancing with one goal — making life easier! However, investing in technology doesn’t mean having to put a dent in your wallet. Here’s some products from Mr D.I.Y that are cool, useful, and most of all, at an unbeatable price.


1. Multi-port USB Hub

1USBHUBIf you love using multiple gadgets, then this USB hub is just what you need to easily access them at a time, USB hubs function in providing extra USB ports for easy connection of all your devices for simultaneous operation or charging. It definitely helps that this one comes in a super quirky design too!


2. Retro USB Fan

1USBFAN1USBFAN-1When the weather gets hot, you’ll be glad to have this around! This personal retro-style fan delivers a gentle breeze and is a practical solution that doesn’t compromise on style. The fan plugs directly into a USB port on a laptop or desktop computer and requires no batteries.


3. USB Mini Vacuum

1VACUUM1VACUUM-21VACUUM-3Don’t you just hate it when tiny food crumbs or dust get stuck in between your keyboard? Here’s the perfect solution — a mini USB keyboard cleaner. The cleaner is powered by a USB slot and comes with two types of cleaning attachments, which include a bristle brush and a flexible rubber tool that easily goes between each key.


4. Mini LED Light

1LEDLIGHT1LEDLIGHT-2Ideal for both work and home, this mini lamp comes complete with a clip base that lets you attach it just about anywhere, making it perfect for study areas, hobby desks, or even on your book itself. Portable and convenient, this lamp is just what you need to ensure that your eyesight is not weakened.


5. Foldable Notebook Cooler

1COOLER1COOLER-2If you’re on your laptop most of the day, this item is just what you need. Powered by USB, this laptop cooler is designed with built-in fans and it can cool down the overall temperature and minimizes heat, which helps extend the life of your laptop and helps it run at its best. This laptop cooler is also foldable, making it convenient and easily portable wherever you go. 


What are some tech products from Mr D.I.Y that you can’t live without? Tell us in the comment section below!

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