Unique and Good Quality Stationaries for Office & School!

Stationery is the one thing that we use from the time we are in kindergarten all the way till adulthood. It’s often overlooked but is essential to every home and office. We reckon it is important to stock up not just on a variety of stationery, but on quality ones as well that will stand the test of time after multiple uses. Introducing Eagle brand stationery, that’s not only practical but aesthetically pleasing as well! Here’s what you can get under this brand at all Mr D.I.Y outlets:


1. 1 Hole Puncher


This handheld 1-Hole Punch creates a round hole with a quick squeeze. This single-hole, nickel-plated punch also features a chip receptacle for mess-free punching.This hole puncher will create holes in your paper so that you can put it in your binder and you can use it on any recently printed documents to organize and file them away.


2. Auto Tape Dispenser

AUTODISPENSER1AUTODISPENSER2AUTODISPENSER3AUTODISPENSER4You don’t have to struggle finding the end of cellophane tapes any longer with the help of this device. This auto tape dispenser comes with a single button load and cut system that allows you to quickly cut tape in one motion and with only one hand, plus it features a unique ergonomic design that’s comfortable to hold even for long periods. It also doesn’t need batteries and is quick, easy and safe to use.


3. Auto Pencil Sharpeners

AUTOSHARPENER3AUTOSHARPENER1AUTOSHARPENER2How cute are these! Not only are these adorable and pleasing to the eyes, but useful to have around as well. This electric pencil sharpener is a fast and efficient way to sharpen, and is even safe for kids to use. It has a high graded driving motor, saving energy up to 10%, is battery operated and has a stainless steel cutting blade for long lasting use.


4. Storage Clipboard

CLIPBOARD2CLIPBOARD3CLIPBOARD4CLIPBOARD1This unique clipboard features a thin, sleek design fits easily into a backpack, large purses, briefcase, or other tight spaces. The top has an open easy one-handed access to a storage compartment large enough to hold pad of paper and other small supplies. 


5. Jet Stapler

JETSTAPLER1JETSTAPLER3JETSTAPLER2JETSTAPLER4This Jet Stapler is designed to be more powerful than traditional staplers so you can staple with ease. It’s perfect for keeping handy on your desk so you’re always prepared to secure important papers and documents together.


6. Staple Remover

REMOVER2REMOVER1Switch from the paper-tearing pinch removers to this easy to use push-style staple remover. The push-style mechanism effortlessly and neatly removes staples without leaving you with unprofessional torn corners. Handy and highly practical, the staple benefits from a lock-down feature for safety when not in use.


7. Staplers

STAPLERSSTAPLERS4STAPLERS2STAPLERS3STAPLESThe stapler is an important tool to have around, as it is a mechanical device that joins sheets of paper or similar material by driving a thin metal staple through the sheets and folding the ends. Whether it’s a government office, an eatery, a business office or a home, staplers are always a necessity. Even easier to carry around are pocket staplers and you’ll find them in various designs and sizes by Eagle Stationery, as well as stapler refills.


8. Invisible Tape and Tape DispenserTAPEDISPENSER1TAPEDISPENSER2

The Invisible Tape is special as it disappears when it is applied so you can mend documents seamlessly, plus it has a matte finish that is an easy to write-on surface so you can leave notes when and where you need them. The tape disappears on most papers so it’s easy to scan and mend documents, and is suitable for use in the home, office or school for tape for sealing, mending, and labeling.

What other products are your must-haves by Eagle Stationery? Let us know in the comment section below!

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