Can You Washi?

Washi Tape is a decorative Japanese tape  that is typically made from natural plant fibers, and often come in intricate or cute designs. Most commonly used for stationery decoration, what you might not know is that it can be used for other decorative purposes as well! At Mr D.I.Y, you’ll find a selection of washi tape designs and here’s some fun ideas of what you can do with them!



1. Add Colour To Your Glasses


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Got guests coming over? Rather than buying new glasses, how about decorating them with washi tape instead? You can do the same for other jars and bottles as well for that subtle decorative touch.


2. Get Unique Keyboards!


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Rather than purchase a new skin for a keyboard, how about adding your very own DIY decoration? You’ll definitely have a keyboard like no other.


3. Label Your Cables!


A great way to identify your cables, especially when they’re in a messy pile!


4. Great for Parties!


If you’re hosting a party anytime soon, washi tape is a simple way to decorate. You can make little flags to serve along with drinks!


5. Decorate Your Gadgets


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Unleash your creativity and decorate your gadgets any way you’d like!


6. Give Your Wall A Makeover


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If you’re not a fan of painting your walls and wallpaper application is a hassle, then here’s a simple yet pretty way you can decorate your walls. You can even make it functional by making your own wall calendar!


7. Give Yourself A Manicure


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If you’re not a fan of the smell of nail lacquer or waiting for the nail polish to dry, then a washi tape manicure is a easy and fast alternative! Here’s how:


  1. Apply a base coat
  2. Roughly cut the washi tape according to the size of your nail and stick it on
  3. Trim the edges so that it fits perfectly to your nail
  4. Apply a top coat and voila! Gorgeous nails.


Got any more ideas on what you can do with washi tape? Let us know in the comment section below or tag us on Instagram at @mrdiy2u showcasing your ideas!


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