Something Cute For The Little Ones!

This may come as a surprise to you, but did you know that you can also find clothes and accessories in Mr D.I.Y? Not only are they catered to adults and children, but even babies as well! If you have a little one on the way or would like to get a full moon or baby shower gift, here are some items you will be able to find in stores:


1. Baby Bibs


Any parent will be able to tell you that cleaning up after babies is hard work, especially when they tend to spill food all over the place. Reduce headaches and mess with these adorable bibs that are made of plastic so there’s no need for washing, simply wipe them or give them a rinse. They also come with special compartments at the ends to catch food from spilling so that they don’t end up on the floor.


2. Terry Blanket


Infants love being swaddled, because it gives them a sense of calm and security. Cloth swaddling requires skill, so make life easier with this terry blanket which you can easily swaddle with. When they grow older, this works as a makeshift blanket as well!


3. Cute Pants


Not only is this pants adorable, but it’s also stretchable and breathable, making it comfortable for the little ones. Suitable for use for both day and night, especially when you want to keep your little one warm and cozy.


4. Special Baby Pillow


What makes this pillow special compared to regular pillows is the indentation in the middle so that when infants lie on their back, their head fits snugly into it and it reduces the chances of developing a flat head.


5. Safety Pins


Changing nappies become more fun with these safety pins in cute shapes. They also come with a safety clasp to ensure that the little ones won’t be able to injure themselves should they get their hands on it.


6. Baby Shoes


There’s plenty of shoes designs in Mr D.I.Y for both boys and girls in various colours, designs and materials. You’ll definitely have fun browsing through each one of them since there’s so many to choose from!


7. Car Signs


It’s always important to drive safe when you have little ones on board, but sometimes as safe as we are, others may be reckless on the road. Keep other road users aware that you have a child on board with the help of this sign so that they would be mindful when driving as well.


8. Snug Baby Socks


So adorable! These socks are special because not only do they keep your little one’s toes snug and warm, but they also come with rubber grip on the soles so that they won’t slip and fall easily when walking on smooth surfaces.



See any other baby products in Mr D.I.Y that you like? Let us know what they are by tagging us on Instagram @mrdiy2u!

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