D.I.Y For Your Own Home!

These days it is expensive to buy a house, and once you do own one, the cost of maintaining it can be rocket high, depending on its condition. Hiring external contractors to fix your home may be the easier solution, but not necessarily a cost effective one. At Mr D.I.Y, you’ll find a huge selection of home improvement tools that you can get at an affordable price and store it in your home, ready to use when needed. Here’s some items that we reckon every home should have:


1. Hex Key Wrench Set


Instead of having multiple key wrenches, store them all in one with these compact and easy to carry folding wrench set that comes with 8 sizes, a durable silver tone finish and a comfortable grip for ease of use.


2. Adjustable Wrench


A must-have for plumbing work, the adjustable wrench can be used to loosen or tighten a nut or bolt as it has a “jaw” (the part where the nut or bolt fits), which is of adjustable size. While ordinary wrenches can only be used on a particular size nut, an adjustable wrench can be used on a much wider variety of nut sizes. Do bear in mind that there is a proper way to use it as well!


3. Germany Test Pen


A test pen is a very handy item that everyone should have in their homes as it can be used to screw small items like your light covers or make small connections like the ones in your switches. Most convenient of all, you can use it to check if electrical supply is present on various electrical items in your house, as when placed in the socket, the red part of the pen will light up to indicate the presence of an electric current.


4. Measurement Tape


At least one tape measure should be in the toolbox of every homeowner or renter. It is an inexpensive and handy device that has many uses when building, maintaining, and repairing a home or auto.Always remember that when using to slowly retract metal blade tapes, keeping fingers away from edges to avoid injury.


5. Screwdriver Set


Screwdrivers can be purchased individually, but it is more convenient to purchase a set as it contains different screwdrivers for different uses. Screwdrivers are commonly used in all kinds of jobs from simple home improvement projects to heavy construction work and come with many different blade tip types that are specifically designed for use with screws of the same type.


6. Long Nose Pliers

longnose1longnose4longnose3longnose2longnose-pull sthlongnose-bend wire

Needle-nose pliers are made of steel, with insulated plastic or rubber-coated grip handles that are easy to grasp and, if specifically noted as such, also provide protection from electric shock. It is commonly used to cut and bend small wires and electrical wiring, but can also be used to grip small objects and even for hobbyist who use it for picking up small objects such as beads.


7. Hammer


Perhaps the most common of tools, hammers are used to drive nails into walls and other surfaces. This one comes with a comfortable rubber grip that makes it easy on the hands and even more safer for use as well.


8. Super Glue


Superglue is handy to have at home as it is has numerous versatile uses. Due to the glue’s chemistry it can work with most anything containing water. The monomers of cyanoacrylate respond to water and clump together forming polymers, adhering objects together, such as temporary wood mounts, as well as attaching broken parts.


9. Tool Box


After you have gotten all your needed tools, don’t forget to store them all in a proper tool box! Not only does it reduce mess and clutter and makes it easier to find when needed, but it is also safer especially if you have little children at home as most tools are dangerous and need to be kept out of reach from them.


What are your other must-have home tools? Let us know in the comment section below!



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