Lets Go Camping!

A great way to experience the grand outdoors is by packing up and going camping. There’s so many sights and sounds to appreciate, and it’s a great refresher if you’ve been spending your time cooped up in an office in the busy city. So shut off your smartphone, shake off your worries and take a chance on camping in the great outdoors! Before venturing out, there are some important items that you will probably need to bring along. Here are some of our suggestions!


1. A Sturdy Waterproof Bag


The weather can be rather unpredictable, and in the event of sudden rain, keep your belongings safe and dry with a waterproof bag.


2. A Small Towel


Don’t forget to pack along small towels that will come in handy for wiping off sweat after hours if hiking and trekking!


3. A Toothbrush Bag


Hygiene is important, even when you’re out camping! Keep your toothbrush and toothpaste clean and within reach in this convenient toothbrush bag.


4. A  Folding Stool


This definitely comes in handy when you’re tired and in dire need of a rest!


5. Rubber Shoes


Camping usually involves some hiking or trekking so be sure to wear the right shoes. This pair comes in handy as they’re waterproof and easy to clean, so you won’t need to deal with wet, squishy shoes.


6. Clothing Rope


It’s always advisable to pack light when camping, so that usually means only bringing very few changes of clothes. If you’re planning on doing some simple laundry, then this rope comes in handy for hanging your clothes out to dry.


7. A Raincoat


In the event it suddenly rains, be one step ahead with a raincoat so that you stay dry and without risk of catching a cold.


8. A Folding Knife


Whether for cooking, cutting, sawing, a pocket knife is definitely an essential item to have when camping, due to its myriad of functions.


9.  An Ice Bucket


It’s nice to enjoy a ice cold drink after a long, hot day. It’s impossible to lug a fridge around, so this is a great alternative!


10. A Sun Hat


Keep the strong glare of the sun off your eyes with this bucket hat!


11. A Waist Bag


Keep all your belongings safe, sound and close to you with this handy wast bag that’s adjustable and roomy enough to house all your essential items.



Planning your camping trip already? Share with us any other camping items from Mr D.I.Y on the comment section below!

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