Get ready for the rain!

We’ve been experiencing frequent rains this month, which can be quite a hassle when you have to go from one place to another. Here’s some tips on how you can keep yourself warm and dry whenever it starts to pour.


1. Carry A Pocket Umbrella 


Lightweight, small and absolutely convenient, don’t forget to pack a pocket umbrella in your bag with you when you head out each day so you can easily use it when it starts to rain.


2. Stay Dry From Head To Toe


The best item to have with you, especially if your mode of transport is on motorcycle, bicycle or on foot is a raincoat. At Mr D.I.Y, you’ll find various raincoats for both adults and children in varying designs and sizes.


3. Stay Protected At The Click Of A Button 


If you find yourself constantly struggling with umbrellas, here’ a perfect solution. This light and slim automatic umbrella that opens and closes easily at the touch of a button. It features a cylindrical compact case with side fastening for easy use.


4. Keep The Young Ones Dry Too!


Don’t forget to pack this into your child’s schoolbag as well so they can stay warm and dry if it rains whilst they are away in school.


5. Waterproof Your Phone


Don’t risk getting your phone wet and result in damaging it with the help of this waterproof heavy duty case, that will keep your phone dry, even whilst you’re using it under the rain.


6. Keep Your Car Equipped 


Always remember to keep an umbrella in your car so that you can easily reach for it whenever it rains so you won’t need to run or walk under the rain when getting out of your car.


7. Protect Your Car


It’s dangerous to drive with low visibility when it rains heavily, as you could risk getting into an accident. Ensure that you stay safe with the help of Waxco’s range of Rain Act products that are made to improve driving conditions and visibility for all weather conditions. They provide a layer of protection against rain and act as a shield for rainy days and ensure clarity of vision while on the road.


8. Towel Down


In the event that you get caught under the rain, it is important to wipe yourself dry after so that you don’t risk catching a cold.

9. Inverted UmbrellaScreen Shot 2016-09-17 at 12.40.36 AM.png



Do you have any products suggestions from Mr D.I.Y for rainy days? Let us know in the comment section below!

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