Get A Complete Makeover Below RM100!

Dressing up has been proven to be able to increase one’s self-confidence, especially when it comes to getting a brand new look. However, with the economic situation these days, getting a complete makeover can be a rather expensive affair. Luckily, at Mr D.I.Y, we have what it takes to give you a completely new look. Find out how below!


1. Give Yourself A New Haircut!



Giving yourself a new haircut is the surest way of getting people to notice your new look. However, a visit to a good hair salon can sometimes cost a few hundred dollars so why not give a hand at cutting your own hair? There’s plenty of tutorials on YouTube that you can easily follow along to.


2. Change The Colour Of Your Hair


There’s no need to head to the hair salon and spend hours there with the help of home-kit hair dyes. There’s a variety of shades that you’ll be able to find in Mr D.I.Y to suit the look that you’re going for.They come with step-by-step instructions, making it easy to dye your own hair.


3. Get Doll-Like Eyes


If you have monolids or unnoticeable double eye lids, make them bigger with the help of double eyelid stickers. They’re a subtle way of changing the way you look, but can make a huge difference to your face.


4. Paint Your Nails


If you’ve never gotten a manicure before, you can easily get one done at home by yourself! It’s easy and a lot cheaper than going to a nail salon. Just like haircut videos, you can find plenty of tutorials on YouTube for home manicures, even on how you can get your own nail art done!


5. Get A Tattoo!


Always wanted a tattoo but don’t want to commit to the real one (and not suffer the pain as well)? Temporary tattoos are a great solution! These tattoos come in various designs so you can change them every week, plus they’re long lasting too. We love these gold and silver ones; perfect for matching with your outfit!


6. Scarf Up


Instead of getting a new wardrobe, adding little details such as scarves with your outfit can add a whole lot of difference. You can give an old dress a brand new look by adding of a scarf for example. You can even tie a scarf onto your handbag to give it a new look!


7. Flaunt Your Body!


Are you always wearing baggy clothes to hide any unsightly flabs or bulges on your body? We think that all women of all sizes should embrace their looks and flaunt their beautiful God-given bodies. Try wearing a dress with a cinch belt to show off your waist. You’ll be amazed by how good you will look.


8. Accessorize!


Give your wardrobe a whole new life simply by adding on accessories to your daily outfits! They’re a subtle but effective way of bringing out the fashionista in you.


9. Get Some Curls


If you have pin straight hair and would love a new look, curls are perfect for giving you a more livelier, fun appearance! You can do this at home by yourself with the help of hair curlers that are so easy to use and definitely cheaper than booking an appointment with your hair stylist.


10. Clutch It!


If you’ve never really dressed up, a good way to start is by matching a clutch with your outfit. We love this versatile cosmetic bag that doubles up as a mini clutch. It has a chic design but is still functional enough for storing your essentials.



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One comment on “Get A Complete Makeover Below RM100!

  1. colourthoselips
    September 26, 2016

    Love this post! Keep it up!

    Would love for you to check out my lastest post x


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