Love Cycling? You’ll Definitely Need This!

Did you know that Mr D.I.Y is actually home to many unexpected items? If cycling is a hobby of yours, you’ll be delightfully surprised to know that you’ll be able to find various cycling gear at all Mr D.I.Y stores at a very affordable price. Here’s what you can get!


1. A Comfortable Bike Saddle Cover


If you’re a fan of long distance cycling, you’ll know that a comfortable seat is important to ensure that you’ll be able to stay in the right position. This is definitely what you’ll need for adequate cushioning to go the distance.


2. A Hand Pump For Emergencies

pump6pump5pump4pump3pump2pump1 It’s hard to predict when you’ll face an emergency of a flat tire, so always be one step ahead with the help of a hand pump that should help you through before you change to a brand new tire.


3. Keep Your Bike Safe and Sound With  A Bike Lock

lock1 Have a peace of mind each time you need to leave your bike with the help of this sturdy bike lock that will keep you bike safe and sound, right wherever you last left it.


4. Stay Safe With A Clip Light For Shoes


Night cycling can be thrilling but it can be very dangerous as well, especially with oncoming traffic. Stay safe and visible in the dark night with the help of this shoes clip light, so that other road users are aware of your presence.


5. Stay Blister-Free With The Help of Bike Gloves


Gripping the bike handle can often result in rough skin or even worse, blisters. Keep your hands baby soft and pain-free with the help of these funky bike gloves that are not only functional but brings up your cool style factor up a notch.


6. Alert Other With A Ring!


To avoid accidents, a bike bell is important to alert others of your presence and for you to signal each time you need to take a turn. We want you to always stay safe on the road, so be sure that you have a bike bell that works well.


7. Store Your Belongings With A Waist Bag


It’s difficult to cycle with your belongings in your pocket as you might risk dropping them, or forgetting them if you place them in a basket, so always be sure that you’re belongings are close to you with the help of this stylish waist bag that has plenty of compartments for your stuff and that can be worn in 3 different ways.



Notice anymore cool stuff for bikes in Mr D.I.Y? Let us know in the comment section below!

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