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Don’t Just Eat It, Bake It!

Baking up a sugary storm in the kitchen can do more than just create yummy comfort food. In fact, studies have shown that baking has been found to have therapeutic … Continue reading

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Boo! Fun Spooky Ideas for Halloween.

Every October 31st is a time of fun as we all get creative in dressing up for Halloween. Whether you prefer going in a creepy, spooky do, sport something cute … Continue reading

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Must-Haves for the Festival of Lights

Celebrated by Hindus across the world to mark the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness, Deepavli or Diwali is a festival that is filled with rich colours, … Continue reading

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Put On Your Masks, It’s Masquerade Time!

Masquerade parties are a lot of fun. They are the perfect theme for any party or events, as there is an aura of mystery when the masks come on. If … Continue reading

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Top 10 Fun (& Cheap) Gifts for your boss

Buying a gift for a boss can be precarious. You don’t want to spend too much and appear to be pining to be the favorite. You don’t want to spend … Continue reading

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Easy Ideas For Transforming Your Bathroom!

For many, the bathroom is a personal haven as it is where we are free to be ourselves and have our own privacy. Bathrooms come in all sizes but the … Continue reading

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The Making..

小富從儉一頭家 (The art of getting riches consists very much of thrift)

MR. D.I.Y. – Destinasi beli-belah sekeluarga anda

MR. D.I.Y.- Tabung Buluh Ayah

MR. D.I.Y.- Kisah yang mengharukan – Tabung buluh ayah