What Can You Get With RM5?

It’s a fact that the economy hasn’t been so good in Malaysia of late, therefore it helps to be thrifty and wise when spending money. These days, with the price of almost everything increasing, Mr D.I.Y is proud to be able to maintain our low and affordable prices. This time, we’re going even lower with our RM5 or less campaign which features 109 products at amazing prices. Here’s some of the useful products you will be able to find under this promotion:


1. Pillow


Planning on travelling end of this year? This neck pillow will definitely come in handy if you plan on getting some rest during your journey before embarking on your adventure.


2. Non Slip Mat


Non-slip mats are extremely useful to have around as they can be used in various ways. You can use them at home, in your car, office, anywhere at all plus they can be fit according to the size you want. Besides placing them under carpets or rugs to ensure that they don’t move or even using them as a floor mat itself, you can also use them to keep items in place, protect furniture and line drawers.


3. Photo Frame


Keep your precious memories safe by placing them and displaying them on a lovely photo frame such as this one.It would also make a very lovely gift!


4. Freshener


Keep your car, cabinet, bathroom, living room, or anywhere at all that you’d like to smell fresh and fragrant with the help of this air freshener. There’s a variety of scents to choose from so you can pick the one you like best.


5. Jump Rope


Jump ropes aren’t just for kids. They serve as a good form of exercise that gives your body a complete workout as you need to utilize various muscles when skipping rope, including your arms and lower torso. These ones come with foam grips, making it comfortable to use.


6. Lint Roller


You’d definitely want to have this around, especially if you have furry ones at home. With its adhesive paper, Neco’s roller sticker is designed for removing lint, fluff, dust and animal hair from clothing, carpets, fabric and upholstery. It’s easy to use, and gets you all neat and cleaned up in a jiffy.


7. Bicycle Lock


This key bicycle lock features tough and thick steel wiring that will protect your bicycle when you’ve left it idle. It locks bicycles, motor bikes, baby carts, and other things, giving you a peace of mind each time you leave it out in public.


8. Military Set


Here’s something little boys would enjoy! This realistic looking military play set calls for fun play time with make belief and imagination soaring, especially if the young one loves action packed scenarios.


9. Posture Correcter


The Dr. Levine Power Magnetic Posture Support is designed to help correct posture by bring the shoulders back and aligning the neck and spine. There are 12 magnets in this back support which is used to help relieve pain. This is a unisex design that is comfortable for both men and women of all shapes and sizes. The waist is an adjustable posture corrective brace which is invisible under clothing. It contains 12 strategically placed magnets to help soothe pain in the spine and lumbar area.


10. Steering Wheel Cover


If you are looking for a small change in your vehicle, a steering wheel cover is an affordable option that is easy to install yourself. In addition, the cover prevents damage from occurring on the steering wheel itself. Since the steering wheel is used every time the vehicle is driven, it can show wear over time. A steering wheel cover will prevent the wear from showing, and will keep the car in better condition if you decide to resell it in the future.



Noticed any other useful products under the RM5 promo? Let us know in the comment section below!

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