Secret Santa Gift Idea below RM20

The office holiday party is right around the corner, and if your team does a secret gift exchange, you’ll want to be prepared for the festivities! Here are some ideas that you can get from MR. D.I.Y:

1. Watercolor Canvas


Encourage your co-worker to take some time off to relax, de-stress and recharge with an artsy session on this watercolor canvas.

2. Cooler Bag


Now you can pack your favourite beverage in this cooler bag and keep it cool and tasty to enjoy all day long in the office! Bring the favourite cold-pressed juices, milk, fizzy drinks, etc that is best served cold without having to run to the pantry all the time to get from the fridge!

3. Essential Oil 


Everyone loves the scents of essential oils. This set comes with the lavender scent which will give a relaxed and calming effect in the office. The flower can serve as a table decoration too!

4. Glass Bottle (with DIY art)


If you’d like to get creative for the gift exchange, take up the challenge to decorate this glass bottle – with sand, craft paper, or even an encouraging message in a bottle to cheer your co-worker’s day!


5. Notebook


Help your office stay organized! A weekly or monthly planner is a useful addition to any workspace. Even in the digital age, nothing aids the memory like handwritten notes.

6. Small Purse


Who doesn’t love something cutesy from Secret Santa? This purse is perfect for your co-worker who needs a small storage for coins or small items to keep their bags organized.

7. Mini Plant Pot 


“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” – Robert Louis Stevenson. Encourage your co-worker to stay positive with this mini pot plant.

8. USB Fan


Make sure your office is well ventilated and cool with this foldable USB fan. It might look small, but the power is strong enough to keep you cool throughout the day.

9. Vacuum Bottle


In contrast to the cooler bag, this vacuum bottle is perfect for your co-worker who loves hot drinks- be it coffee or tea or just warm water. It is non-toxic, non-leaching, vacuum sealed, and BPA free.

Bought any of this for your secret santa gift exchange event? Tag us on @mrdiy2u on Instagram!

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