Your Little Ones Will Love These Gifts!

Finding the coolest gifts and best toys for kids can be quite a task. This list will make that task a bit easier this year as you will find many unique or even practical gift ideas for all the kids in your life! We believe that you don’t need to splurge on a ton of money to put a smile on their little faces. Come now, the perfect gift is just a scroll away!



1. An Adorable Storage Bag


Perfect for toting little belongings around, from toys to books an stationery. The bag can even be used to assist mummy when she’s out grocery shopping without having to use plastic bags.


2. For The Little Builder


Building blocks are limited to just boys, girls love to build as well! At Mr D.I.Y, we have a mesmerizing variety of building blocks in all sorts of scenarios. They’re super affordable as well, and a great way for kids to occupy their time in a creative way.


3. Start Some Financial Roots


You can never be too young to start saving! Encourage the little ones to start saving up with this coin bank. Instead of purchasing gifts that they want, encourage them to save up and buy it themselves instead by earning money from doing chores around the house.


4. Doctor, Doctor, I Am Sick


Kids love playing dress up and imagining themselves in various occupations. Harness the little one’s interest in the medical field by getting them this complete doctor play set that even comes with make-believe medicine!


5. For The Future Pro Golfer


Boys love looking up to their Daddies. Let them spend some quality time together with this mini golf set. Soon, he’ll be hitting the real course soon once he’s old enough.


6. The Curious Caterpillar


Don’t you wish you had such an adorable pencil case like this caterpillar one back when you were in school? Your little one is sure to love it. It is not only cute, but spacious enough to store all sorts of stationery.


7. Pizza Master In The Making


If your little one loves eating pizza, then they’ll definitely love creating their own. This make believe pizza set lets the young ones imagine that they are concocting their very own pizza. This could be the first step to their journey towards becoming a future masterchef!


8. Future Fashionista


Every girl has definitely dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. Any girl would appreciate this gift – a sketchbook that comes with stencils of various clothing and accessories so she can get her own creations done.


9. Back To School


The holidays are a lot of fun, but they will soon be over and when the new year arrives, it’ll be time for the little ones to head back to school. A stationery set is definitely a practical gift that can be put to good use for studies.


10. Sticker Fun!


Stickers are an easy gift to give, simply because they are loved by children of all genders and ages. We have a whole lot to choose from at Mr D.I.Y, so you’ll have fun yourself, choosing from the variety of cute and colourful sticker designs we have to offer.


We love seeing the smiles of little children! Snap a shot of your little ones with a gift from Mr D.I.Y and tag us on our Instagram at @MrDIY2U.

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