Still Not Too Late For Gift Shopping! 

Christmas is a time of giving and with the celebration approaching just around the corner, you might have been too busy clearing up work before the new year starts to actually take some time off to go shopping. Fret not as we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas that you can easily pick up at any Mr D.I.Y outlet. Whether it’s for your loved ones, friends or simply a company gift exchange party, you’ll definitely find something suitable in your list that’s functional or unique, and most of all, affordable.
1. For the person who’s always losing their glasses case1case2Help them keep their specs or sunnies safe with this case that will also protect from scratches.
2. For the person with too many things

dac1Rather than carry items in their pockets, making it bulky, how about this bag that can be used to store documents, notebooks and tiny knick-knacks such as keys and stationery?

3. For the person with treasured memories

frame1Instead of leaving photos in an SD memory card, why not print them out and hang them on this photo board? Perfect as a personal decoration at home or at work.

4. For the person who’s always tired


Taking time off to spend a full day at a spa may sound ideal, but getting a foot massager that can easily be used at home is a lot more practical.

5. For the person who enjoys a hot drink


You can never go wrong when giving a mug as a gift! It’s the safest choice for both guys and girls.
6. For the sleepyhead


If you know of someone who can’t live without a good nap, then this will be the perfect gift for their snuggles on the bed.
7. For the traveller


When travelling, it’s normal to accumulate coins. Instead of making your wallet bulky, get a coin purse instead.
8. For the fitness freak


Know of someone who loves working out? They’ll definitely appreciate this convenient gift that allows them to get a good workout at home or even at work.
9. For the person who loves cars


An actual car would make an amazing Christmas gift but alas, it’s an extremely expensive one. A car model would work equally as well.
10. For the beauty lover


Every fan of beauty knows that cleansing is an important step in  skincare. They’d definitely appreciate this gadget that gives their skin a good deep cleansing while massaging it as well.
Found other gifts that are perfect as a Christmas gift? Let us know in the comment section below!

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