New Year, New Nails!

We’re now into the first month of the new year, with the Lunar New Year just a few days away. If you love getting dolled up for the celebration, then you’ll definitely need to get your nails done. A session at the nail salon can really cost a lot, especially as there’s additional charges for mani and pedis as the holiday approaches. Instead of having to spend all that money & time at this peak period, you can easily find the tools from Mr D.I.Y to give yourself a home nail-makeover. Here are some of the goodies we spotted while shopping in store. 

1. Nail Art Stickers

It takes many years to master nail art but with the help of stickers, you can easily achieve intricate designs. It’s so easy to use! Simply paint on a base colour of your choice, place the stickers on your nails as you’d like, and then seal it with a top coat.
2. Nail Clippers

Nail technicians are pros when it comes to getting that perfect nail shape, but you can too with this magnifying nail clipper that helps you ensure you get perfectly shaped nails.
3. The Basics

Mr D.I.Y carries an impressive array of nail colours so you can experiment with different colours. Don’t forget remover as well, in case you make a mistake.
4. Nail Stamping Tool

This nail design kit allows you to create endless nail designs and to get professional salon results every time. Use it with any nail polish you have and match it with different stamp designs. So easy and so much cheaper than spending a day at the nail parlour!

5.Buffing Tool

If you prefer going colour-less and would prefer opting for natural nails, then this is the tool for you. This auto buffer smoothens your nails and return them to their natural pink glow so you get the appearance of shiny, healthy nails.
6. Full Nail Stickers

This is one of the best beauty inventions for girls who are always on the go with not much time to spare for nail pampering sessions. Simply choose a design of your choice, stick it on and apply a top coat. Voila! Salon-worthy nails in a matter of minutes.
Show us your Mr D.I.Y manicures by tagging us on Instagram at @MrDIY2u

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