Malaysian Meteorological Department had recently announced that Malaysia will be going through a monsoon transition until early of November. It is expected there will be continuous heavy downpour and thunderstorm during these few months. The monsoon season brings the fun back to our doorstep, keeping us indoor. However, in Malaysia it is inevitably to stay outdoor most of the time especially due to work. It is important to take extra precaution during this rainy season to be safe on the road and outdoor. With that, here are top 8 MRDIY must-have items to bring you extra comfort and convenience during the pouring rain.


Fog,Fog, Go Away!

When raining, the temperature outside the car tends to be lower than inside hence, forming fog on the car mirror. When fog is formed, it will block the driver’s view clearly. Anti-Fogging Spray solves this problem for you. Just spray it on all mirrors and it will ensure a clear and clean driving vision in the rain.


No rainbow without the rain!

Get yourself a rainbow umbrella and stands out from the crowd of many umbrellas in the rain. Instead of getting the usual one tone color umbrella, a colorful umbrella will make your rainy day a little less dull.


Keep the documents dry (A6)

Sometime it is inevitable to be under rain and yet you need to make sure your office documents or belonging not wet. This is especially perfect for motorcycle rider. Keep your important items safe and dry.


The Magic Cloth  

Do you know microfiber cloth works like wonder? They are incredibly absorbent that not only can absorb liquid but anything from dust to dirt to grease, making it the best cleaning material. You can now wipe your car windscreen dry in seconds.


Zap and Trap

Rainfall is the season for mosquito breeding. You will see a significant increase of mosquitoes and other rainy season pests because they breed in stagnant water. Flooding and puddles create ideal breeding condition for mosquitoes. Place an electric bug zapper at your home or workplace to attract and kills these irritating insects around you


Shield from the rain

If you are always out and about, this pocket-able raincoat is just for you. It is light and soft which is comfortable to wear. The highlight is, you can fold it into a pocket size and keep it in your bag or small pouch making it very convenient and portable to use


Dry, Strong, Affordable

The weather is unpredictable especially during the rainy season, and one thing to never get in touch with water is electronic gadgets. Protect your important possessions with a waterproof bag.


Spray and Dry

It’s raining everyday and we know how troublesome it can get when your favorite shoes get wet. Aeropak Waterproofing Spray is so awesome you can spray it not only on your shoes but you can use it on your clothes, bag or even cap. You don’t need to worry about getting wet anymore

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