New Year Resolution with MR.DIY

New Year is like a new chapter in our life. Often we always reflect on what we had done throughout the whole year during year-end and re-evaluate if we manage to achieve the goal set. Once we are done reflecting, it’s time to look forward and set a whole new New Year resolutions. Resolution is the perfect opportunity to give you a little boost to start making changes that you have been delaying for weeks, months or even years. It’s time to press on the “reset” button and start a fresh year ahead. We, from MRDIY had decided to give you a bit of help to stick on to your resolution and ideas.



1.Sweat to Fit

Do you know Malaysia is the fattest country in Asia, with the increasing number of obesity. Just pick your favorite sports and plan an exercise and diet program with it. You can find varieties of sports equipment in MRDIY from swimming to jogging to badminton just to name a few. Head to your nearest outlet now and have a look which sports fits you the best and stock up some basic equipment to start your keep fit resolution



2.Healthy food, Healthy Life

With just exercising is not enough to keep you healthy and fit. When eating out, it is hard for you to control your portion, no salt and sugar or less oil. Keeping a healthy diet plan is never easy but you can start from cooking at home. Buy some blender, cooker and coffee maker to prepare your own meal. With that you can control not only your portion but lessen the usage of oil and salt. MRDIY got all kitchen equipment that you need to help you prepare for a healthy balance diet plan


Be smart

3.Be a Smarty

New year, new stationery for your kids. Getting the kids back to school for 2019 ain’t easy. But at MRDIY, you can find just everything you need to prep your kids for school re-open. We got tons of cute and cool notebook, watercolor, all basic stationery sets and more. Bring more fun and happiness to your kids and make them feel proud to bring them to school with nice and complete stationery collections. Who knows, maybe a new set of stationery can help your kids ace in exam too!



4.Bring Out Your Charm

New Year resolution is more than just being healthy and fit. With 2019 nearing us, be beautiful and charm your way to the top. You can set a new beauty routine with low commitment and affordable with MRDIY. You can get face cotton to clean your make-up, comb to get you ready for a good hair day, make-up set to make you look fabulous or you can even save up some money going to the saloon to trim your fringe or split end with a hair set.



5.Modernize your Car

Change the way you drive and enhance your car in every way possible. When New Year approaches, you will buy new clothes for yourself. Same goes to your car! Give it a brand new look with varieties of accessories available in MRDIY. You can improve your car’s interior with new cushion or steering wheel cover, some car shade to protect the car from the hot sun or even restore your old headlight for better vision when driving.



6.Vacation and Experience

If you wanted something different and a more adventurous experience consider planning a trip of a lifetime. New Year resolution doesn’t have to be tangible stuff. Gaining experience makes you feel happier and contented with life. Therefore, see and do more and less buying. Equip yourself with travel necessities from MRDIY and you are ready to go.


refurbish home

7.Replace and Repair

New Year resolution is not just about self-improvement, you should set new goals to upgrade and maintain your house condition too. Start off 2019 by getting all your damage electrical appliances and household item fixed or replace. Change brand new energy saving light bulb, replace your old broom and mop and get a new floor carpet.

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