Beauty Makeover Made Easy With These Tools!

Morning rush hour is the worse! As a result, we often have to scramble out of the house in the wee hours of the morning just to avoid traffic. As … Continue reading

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Take Cleaning to the NEXT LEVEL!

One of the hardest things about owning or renting property, may it be your home or work place, is maintaining it. After some time, some wear and tear is inevitable, … Continue reading

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What Can You Get With RM5?

It’s a fact that the economy hasn’t been so good in Malaysia of late, therefore it helps to be thrifty and wise when spending money. These days, with the price … Continue reading

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We Bet You Wouldn’t Be Able To Guess How Much These Cost!

Electronics can be a pretty expensive investment, but it is an essential part of our daily lives. It’s always best to save in whichever way you can, so the good … Continue reading

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80’s & 90’s Stationaries

If you’re from the 80’s or 90’s these are some of the stationery that’s cute and functional which are not new to you!  1. Paint Remember using this back in … Continue reading

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Parties Made Easy!

Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, hen’s night, baby shower or any event at all, parties are a lot of fun. Planning them, however, can be pretty challenging especially if … Continue reading

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Don’t Just Eat It, Bake It!

Baking up a sugary storm in the kitchen can do more than just create yummy comfort food. In fact, studies have shown that baking has been found to have therapeutic … Continue reading

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Boo! Fun Spooky Ideas for Halloween.

Every October 31st is a time of fun as we all get creative in dressing up for Halloween. Whether you prefer going in a creepy, spooky do, sport something cute … Continue reading

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Must-Haves for the Festival of Lights

Celebrated by Hindus across the world to mark the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness, Deepavli or Diwali is a festival that is filled with rich colours, … Continue reading

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Put On Your Masks, It’s Masquerade Time!

Masquerade parties are a lot of fun. They are the perfect theme for any party or events, as there is an aura of mystery when the masks come on. If … Continue reading

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The Making..

小富從儉一頭家 (The art of getting riches consists very much of thrift)

MR. D.I.Y. – Destinasi beli-belah sekeluarga anda

MR. D.I.Y.- Tabung Buluh Ayah

MR. D.I.Y.- Kisah yang mengharukan – Tabung buluh ayah